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Biographie Security & Features of TP Link AX11000 Router
The AX11000 comes with the features you would anticipate from a premium gaming router from a brand like TP-Link. It includes bandwidth testing and Quality of Service settings, each of which has five pre-set options and a sixth parameter that enables the user to customise the priority of traffic for totally granular network control.

When seen through the lens of a consumer router, the TP Link AX11000 Router is adequate but not extraordinary in terms of security. Compatibility with the newest wireless encryption technologies is where it all begins. While also being backwards compatible with older standards, the AX11000 is capable of supporting WPA3.

As seen in the screenshot above, it uses a security database that receives updates from Trend Micro. We appreciate that it is included in the box without the requirement for a separate membership and that it uses this security database. Both a malicious content filter and an intrusion protection system are present, and each can be customised separately. In addition, parental controls are accessible, as one would anticipate from a router of this nature.

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